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    Key Reasons to use Software Defined Storage

    It is ironic that software-defined storage lacks an agreed-upon definition. Typically, though, after IT professionals [...]
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    Spectrum Suite Infographic

    What if you started work on your house but without a full set of tools?
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    IBM Spectrum Storage Suite: Meeting Industry Needs for Software-Defined Storage

    Central to an SDS approach are native capabilities of both data persistence and storage management [...]
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    Software-Defined Storage for Dummies

    This book introduces IBM Spectrum Storage, a leading family of SDS solutions, and provides plenty [...]
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    Cost/Benefit Analysis of IBM Spectrum Storage Comparing IBM

    Comparing IBM Spectrum Virtualize and Control to Hitachi Solutions
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    Spectrum Suite Vito Letter

    IBM Spectrum Storage Suite letter template for sending to clients.
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    IBM’s Ability and Creativity in Software-defined Storage

    Software-defined storage (SDS) has not been blessed with a universally accepted definition. And really, SDS [...]