Software Defined Storage advantages

Software Defined Storage unlocks the potential of your data and can reduce your storage costs by as much as 50 percent.

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Simplifies and integrates storage management and data protection across traditional and new applications.

Delivers elastic scalability with high performance for analytics, big data, social and mobile.

Hybrid Cloud
Unifies silos to deliver data without borders with built-in hybrid cloud support.

Builds on open architectures and supports industry standards including OpenStack and Hadoop.

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IBM Spectrum Protect enables reliable, efficient data protection and resiliency for software defined, virtual, physical, and cloud environments. This data protection platform gives enterprises a single point of control and administration for backup and recovery.

With data deduplication, and incremental “forever” backups, IBM Spectrum Protect delivers built-in efficiency that enables you to spend less on data protection and more on innovation. In fact, IBM Spectrum Protect can reduce backup infrastructure costs by up to 38 percent.

Copy Data Management, although not part of Suite, is a key Spectrum SDS component

IBM Spectrum Accelerate is hyperconverged enterprise-class software defined block storage for VMware, Docker and mixed workloads – across private, hybrid and public cloud. Born of proven XIV technology, its heritage, consistent performance and scaleout simplicity offer a unique comfort level to SDS projects. It is also the software stack for IBM FlashSystem A9000, IBM FlashSystem A9000R, and IBM XIV Storage System Gen3, offering extreme flexibility to cloud deployments and superb savings including through unified management and license portability.

With IBM Spectrum Accelerate, you can deploy an enterprise storage platform in 30 minutes or less, on- or off-premises, using your choice of x86 servers.

IBM Spectrum Scale is software-defined-storage to make management at scale easier, efficient, and intelligent. Global shared access to data with unified file, object and HDFS support enables unprecedented savings and agility for clusters, clouds and analytics.

This proven solution can manage up to one billion petabytes of unstructured data. It redefines the economics of data storage using policy-driven automation: as time passes and organizational needs change, data can be moved back and forth between flash, disk and tape storage tiers without manual intervention.

IBM Cloud Object Storage is part of our SDS proposition and included in the Suite.

IBM Spectrum Virtualize software is at the heart of IBM SAN Volume Controller, IBM Storwize family, IBM FlashSystem V9000, and VersaStack. It enables these systems to deliver better data value, security, and simplicity through industry-leading virtualization.

IBM Spectrum Virtualize software is also available for x86 servers, which provides new opportunities to enhance hybrid cloud deployments and hosted private clouds.

IBM Spectrum Control provides efficient infrastructure management for virtual, physical, file, object and software-defined storage. This solution simplifies and automates storage provisioning, capacity management, availability monitoring and reporting.

IBM Spectrum Control is designed to help you easily transition to new workloads and updated storage infrastructures—using predictive analytics that can help reduce storage costs by up to 50 percent.

IBM Spectrum Archive enables you to automatically move infrequently accessed data from disk to tape – to lower costs while retaining ease of use and without the need for proprietary tape applications.

IBM Spectrum Archive enables users and applications to access data anywhere, any place, anytime, in any format. With scalable, low-cost storage, IBM Spectrum Archive can help you keep pace with the increasing storage demands driven by modern workloads.

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